Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beaded Temari Ball Beads

Yesterday I took a class with Diane Fitzgerald at in Columbus. The class was Beaded Tamari Ball Beads. Tamari are these incredible Japanese Thread Balls. Diane has translated these beautiful creations into icosahedron beaded beads. An icosodedron is a 3 dimensional geometric form with 20 identical triangular sides. Sounds intimidating but Diane instruction is clear and the triangles are tiny. Put it all together is a little confusing at first but once I got the first half done it was easy from there. I can't wait to try more patterns.

It rained off and on during the drive home and
this beautiful rainbow resulted.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cool Painting Tool

This is a really cool online abstract painting machine . Click on "Auto" on the lower right of the painting area or create your own.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The New Beadwork - Where are they now?

The New Beadwork by Kathlyn Moss and Alice Scherer, published 1992, was one of the first books featuring bead art. I got curious as to whether these artists were still around creating beautiful bead work. So I spent a few hours searching for each artist. All the artists in the book are listed below even if I didn't find anything about them.

Jeanette Ahlgren
Beautiful loom woven sculptural forms

Marcus Amerman
Marcus Amerman creates bead pictures that depict the history of his Choctaw and Hopi heritage
Beaded Butterfly Buckle
Beaded Face Bracelet
2004 Dubin Native Artist Fellow
Quilt Art
The Man with No Name

Hanne Sue Anaya

Susan Anniskett

Lucia Antonelli, More

Ann Bailey

Carolyn Prince Batchelor - Painted Paper Beadwork

Frieda Bates - Beadwork of the Southwest

Lori Berry - Author of How to Bead Earrings: An Artistic Approach

Elizabeth Bertuccio

John Binzley - Beaded Bags

Virginia Blakelock

Flora Book

Joe Bowman

Kate Boyan - The Dream Bag

Jimoh Buraimoh, The Heritage: My Life and Arts (autobiography)

Michael Van Chapman

David Chatt

Carlos Cobos

Evelyn Cohen

Theresa Cole

Deon DeLange - More Techniques of Beaded Earrings,
Techniques of Beaded Earrings

Edward Derwent

Mary Dickey

M.K. Dilli

Angela Gauthier

Ascha Gellman

Jeannine Goreski

Mary Owen Griffin

Sherry Hart

Mary Hayslip

Valerie Hector

Mary B. Hetz - Jewelry Collection (no beadwork shown)

Mary Ann Hickey

Mimi Holmes

Edgar Jackson

Peggy Kendellen

Martin Douglas Kilmer

Dan & Eve King-Lehman - Fused Glass

Joanne A. Laessig - Beads & Embroidery

Jeanne Leffingwell - Beaded Sky Curtain (not a good picture),
Bead & Button - Loom Project Pattern ($3.95)

Richard LeMieux

Gwyn Lewis

Jacquelyn Lillie - Earrings & Bracelet (middle of page),
4 pieces,

Merry Makela - The magic of beaded spherical nets : techniques and projects (book) - available used

Margot Marcotte

Sherry Markovitz - Beaded Sculpture, Artworks

Nome May - Bless├ęd Bead

Linda McCormick

Luisa Morca-Bush

Kathlyn Moss

Cheri Mossie

Juanita Nelson

Howard Newcomb

Gretchen Newmark

Lindsay Obermeyer - Gallery of Bead Embroidery

Constance O'Shaughnessy

Carol Perrenoud - Corn For Dinner

Don Pierce

Susan Planalp

Sylvia Pomeroy

Pat Poole

Barbara Jeanne Rice

Helen Rogers

Axel Russmeyer

Pam Saporta

Skip Schuckmann

Joyce Scott - Kickin' It with the Old Masters at the Baltimore Museum of Art,
Maryland ArtSource

Verena Sieber-Fuchs

Marcie Stone - Sculptural Bead Artist

Cid Suntrader

Natalie Tatz

Ken Tisa

Camilla Trondsen

Elizabeth Tuttle

Setsu Ueno

Gladys Urschel

Donna Wasserstrom

Betsey-Rose Weiss

Steve Wofford

Natacha Wolters

Connie Wyatt

Bead Art - Where Are They Now?

Bead Art, edited by Alice Korach, was one of the earliest books featuring beadwork as art. It was published in 1998 by Kalmbach Publishing Company who also published Bead & Button magazine. I frequently peruse the book and one time I got curious as to whether these artists were still around creating beautiful bead work. So I spent a few hours searching for each artist. All the artists in the book are listed below even if I didn't find anything about them.

Chris Allen-Sickler

Kenneth A. Arthur

Beth Barron

JoAnn Baumann

Terry Bell

Robert Bruningham

David Chatt

David Chatt's Blog

Olga Dvigoubsky Cinnamon,
More by Olga

Barb Davis

Debra Dembowski - Figurative Jewelry & Sculpture,
More by Debra Dembowski,
More by Debra

Sylvia deMurias

Rosie Dixon

Joan Dulla

Nancy Eha

JoAnn Feher

More JoAnn Feher - Northwest Bead Society Member beads from the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Necklace (2003)

Jacqui B. Fehl

Diane Fitzgerald

Susan Etcoff Fraerman - Revelation on Hubbard Street,
One Soul:Shoe Number Fourteen , In Memory of Noah,
Katie Gingrass Gallery

Jocelyn S. Giles

Patty Haberman

Valorie Harlow, More, and More

John W. Lefelhocz - Quilts

Richard LeMieux

Laura Leonard

Eleanor Lux


Liz Manfredini

Ann Terepaugh Mitchell

Nicole Nagel

Liss Niforos

Jan Nix-Westhoff

Colleen O’Rourke

Kristen Frantzen Orr - ArtGlass Beads & Jewelry

Christy Puetz, More

Madelyn C. Ricks, More

Rachel Roggel

Ruth Marie Satterlee

Pamela Schloff

Carol Shelton

Nancy Smeltzer

Sandy Swirnoff

Thalia Tringo

Carolyn Veerjee

Sally Wassink

Loomed Beadwork, More

Dustin j. Wedekind

Alison F. Whittemore

Michelle Williams

Laura Willits

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bead Journal Project - June

I joined the Bead Journal Project coordinated by Robin Atkins and I will be creating 12 bead journal pages, one per month, starting this month (June). I decided to go with a garden theme keeping with the whole Beaded Garden thing. Here's the beginning of my first 4" x 4" bead embroidery journal page.

I wanted some dimension to the square so the petals are dyed something that are about 3mm thick. There's a hole at one of the ends but these break easily so they don't work well in jewelry. They're sewed and glued to the Lacy's Stiff Stuff. This has turned out to be very frustrating because the glue doesn't hold due to all the bending the piece endures as I embroider around the petals. I should be able to get a bit of glue under the petals when everything is finished and hopefully that will hold the pieces in place. The center is a crystal spacer set in silver plated metal and the outline of the petals is size 15/0 seed beads.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

YOJ - Week 16 - Ripples, Depths and Shallows

The silver colored elements in this piece were purchased years ago at a show. As I was organizing my colored wire this progression of colors jumped out at me. The pinks and purples are 26 gauge wire and the jump rings, which I made, are black 22 gauge wire. I had difficulty with the jump rings because the cuts were messy and some of the underlying copper is showing . . . maybe I need new or better wire cutters (any advice will be appreciated). Where I cut the wire that's wrapped around the silver elements it was very sharp and pointy. Is that normal or do I have bad cutters? Do I need some sort of file? I only have a small pointed diamond file that I used to clean out and smooth the holes from when I took a lampwork class. I used that as carefully as I could but some of the color came off in places. I usually use a permanent marker to touch up in these situations but I don't have all the necessary colors for this piece. In spite of the problems this was a fun piece and I love the colors.

Now that my hand is feeling a little better I was able to spend more time creating this week.

This next piece was inspired by a necklace by Lynda Musante in the summer 2007 issue of Bead Unique magazine (issue #13). The disc beads are about 1/2 inch diameter and are by Karen Ovington.

My favorite bead stitch is the African Helix which I learned in the early 1990's from Virginia Blakelock's book Those Bad Bad Beads. This necklace was made months ago but I just put all the elements together this weekend. And finally 3 pairs of earrings. The wavy silver pieces are from Saki Silver, located right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Monday, April 16, 2007

YOJ - Week 15 - Drifting, Sea Foam, Rolling Waves

I love these beads! I had so many cool ideas of things to do with them but ended up being limited and frustrated by the fact that the holes don't line up. Out of 7 beads I could only find 3 I could get wire through. Carpal tunnel is still a problem and while I have lots of on-theme ideas I'm not able to execute them right now.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Vintage Beaded Basket

This sweet vintage beaded basket with beaded flowers and leaves was purchased on ebay several years ago. The basket is about 3 inches high without the handle. I especially like how the handle is done (see closeup below). If you have any idea when this might have been created please leave a comment.

YOJ - Week 12 - Frosty Breeze

This pendant evokes the shape of an icicle in the colors of winter. I used silver elements from Saki Silver, crystal AB, white alabaster and black diamond Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.

YOJ - Week 11 - Windchines in the Breeze

I started off making a bracelet but the beads are too long to lay properly on the wrist so I decided to make a necklace. However, I ran out of silver wire and then had a flare up of carpel tunnel so this one awaits finishing. The beads have a really cool iridescent-AB-rainbow kind of finish. I'm not sure what to call it but it didn't capture well in this photograph.

YOJ - Week 10 - Ocean Breeze